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Energy Rebates & Incentive Programs

Simplify the process of accessing financial incentives for horticultural rebates, agribusinesses, and agricultural equipment manufacturers.

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Grow Lights
Rebate Project Timeline
The average project takes 6-8 weeks to complete once submitted.
The project information provided for your facility is used to estimate the value and provide your proposal.
We will optimize your incentive and submit all required documents for your rebate. A pre-inspection will be scheduled if necessary.
Once the submission process is complete, the utility will send confirmation of approval. That is the green light to move forward with the project.
The efficiency equipments for the project are received and installed.
There will be a post-inspection of the efficiency measures, followed by a monitoring period if required.
The customer can redeem the rebate by cashing the check, depositing the electronic transfer, or using the store credit to make a purchase.
Commercial Rebate Programs
Specifically Tailored For Your Needs
The Business and Industrial Lighting Initiative provides chances for participants to enhance their energy efficiency, realize financial savings, and enhance their lighting systems.
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Cost Savings
The main benefit of a rebate program for customers is that it can save them money on their purchases.
Purchase Affordable
Rebates can make a purchase more affordable, which can allow customers to purchase more or higher-priced items.
Easy to Redeem
Similar to instant rebates applied at the point of purchase, or electronic rebates which can be redeemed online.
What Rebates
What our customers & partners say about us

"Our recent collaboration with What Rebates has been nothing short of exemplary. From the outset, What Rebates showcased a level of professionalism and dedication that instantly impressed us. Their team worked seamlessly with ours, and what truly sets What Rebates apart is their commitment to providing top-notch grow lighting options coupled with incredible rebate incentives. Their expertise in the field of LED grow lights is evident and their ability to deliver results make them a standout choice in the industry."

Zion Botanicals
@Ryan - A Washington Producer\Processor\Hemp

"After talking with Marcos over a few calls, they went to work for us and went through the whole rebate process with our local power company directly. They were able to retrofit our whole facility (10,000 sqft) with brand new state-of-the-art LED grow lights from our old HPS lighting. They were really great about communication and all the steps along the way. We really appreciate them reaching out to us to make us aware of all the great rebates local businesses can get. I will definitely be referring them and working with them again. Thanks, Marcos & What Rebates!"
Lucky 777, inc.

"It's rare today to find someone with your level of professionalism, determination, and consistency. You deliver what you promise, and you follow up on everything. The most amazing part is you don't have to do this. So you could completely slack off and just sit back. Not you, you take business and customer service seriously to another level.
I still can't belive the deal you put together and made happen for us here at Lucky 777, inc. Eternally grateful,"
Green Depot Farms LLC
@Jorge Gonzalez

"These guys are rebate rockstars! They handled the entire rebate process for our facility. Seriously, the whole thing was seamless. I was in the loop every step of the way, making the process incredibly easy and efficient. Huge thanks to What Rebates for the amazing communication and massive savings. Upgrading to LED is a no-brainer, and What Rebates makes it painless. If you are looking to work with them – you won't regret it!"
Tree Farmers LLC
@Area 420/Colorado Grower

"I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful along the way! It has truly been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to continue working with you in the near future."
Financial Incentives
and Rebates
Our company was founded in late 2021 with the mission of simplifying the process of accessing financial incentives and rebates for farmers, agribusinesses, agricultural equipment manufacturers and distributors.