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Utility Rebate Company

With a focus on commercial horticulture led lighting, What Rebates is a dynamic and innovative utility rebate company. Our team brings together a wealth of experience in agriculture, technology, distribution to deliver the best-in-class rebate solutions.
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Commercial Horticulture Led Lighting
Established in late 2021, our company is driven by a clear mission: to simplify the process of accessing financial incentives and rebates for farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural equipment manufacturers as well as their distributors and consulting firms.
Our Vision
What Rebates
To empower the agriculture community by providing a digital platform that streamlines the often complex and time-consuming rebate application process.

We aim to become the go-to resource for all agriculturally based businesses who seek financial incentives for embracing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

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Built for Growth
Our Competitive Advantage
Efficient Processing and Quick Verification
Streamlined Workflow: Our proprietary platform optimizes the rebate application and verification process, reducing delays and ensuring rapid approvals.
Cost-Effective Services
Low Fee Structure: We prioritize cost-effectiveness for our clients. Our fee structure is designed to ensure that businesses and individuals can access energy-efficient rebates without incurring excessive costs.
Nationwide Presence
Coverage in Every State: We have established a presence in every state, allowing us to offer our services to clients across the nation. This extensive coverage ensures accessibility to energy-efficient rebates regardless of location.