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Unlock exclusive savings on premium lighting solutions! We've partnered with the industry's top brands and manufacturers to bring you unbeatable rebates on cutting-edge lighting products.
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Preferred Partners for Horticultural Rebates

What Rebates Partner logo: Black Dog
Black Dog
LED grow lights designed for commercial, greenhouse, research and indoor growing.
What Rebates Partner logo: BLI
Lorem LED grow lights designed for commercial, greenhouse, research and indoor growing.
What Rebates Partner logo: CALIFORNIA LIGHTWORKS
Industry-leading commercial LED Grow Lights for all applications.
What Rebates Partner logo: CULTIVATION WAREHOUSE
Full Service Design & Equipment Solutions for Controlled Environment Agriculture.
What Rebates Partner logo: Efinity
Indoor and greenhouse agricultural/horticultural grow lighting & related equipment products & supplies.
What Rebates Partner logo: Electrivo
Indoor LED Grow Light Distribution.
What Rebates Partner logo: Evolve
Hydroponics & Garden Supplies for Professional Growers.
What Rebates Partner logo: Growershouse
Growers House is a family owned and operated hydroponics supplies and indoor gardening center.
What Rebates Partner logo: Grower's Choice
Grower's Choice
Grower’s Choice started as a collaboration of experienced lighting and horticultural experts operating out of Southern California.
What Rebates Partner logo: ILUMINAR
Enjoy state-of-the-art LED and DE Grow Lighting with the lowest failure rate in the industry.
What Rebates Partner logo: Photontek
Our lighting solutions offer the latest technology, are energy efficient, cost effective, and help growers reach their full production potential.
What Rebates Partner logo: Photontek
Full Spectrum Grow Lights — Professional lighting solutions for retail, indoor and large scale horticultural projects.
What Rebates Partner logo: RAPIDGROW LED
Manufactured in North America RapidGrow’s headquarters are located in Southern California.
What Rebates Partner logo: Valoya
LED grow lights specifically tailored for commercial horticultural applications.
What Rebates Partner logo: Volt
Whether you need low voltage landscape lighting or solar lights for residential use, or 120V lighting for commercial, security or municipal applications.
What our partners say about us
Indoor LED Grow Light Distribution
"Our recent collaboration with What Rebates has been nothing short of exemplary. From the outset, What Rebates showcased a level of professionalism and dedication that instantly impressed us. Their team worked seamlessly with ours, and what truly sets What Rebates apart is their commitment to providing top-notch grow lighting options coupled with incredible rebate incentives. Their expertise in the field of LED grow lights is evident and their ability to deliver results make them a standout choice in the industry."
HVAC, Controllers and Dehumidification
We are Not just about LED Rebates…
What Rebates Partner logo: Agrowtek
Agrowtek Inc. is a premier automation controls and fertigation systems manufacturer for the the discerning horticulturalist.
What Rebates Partner logo: Anden
Anden products are built for cultivation with materials proven to perform in extreme conditions.
What Rebates Partner logo: Argus
Grow beyond your expectations with Argus Controls - the world's most advanced environmental control & automation solution for horticultural operations.
What Rebates Partner logo: ILUMINAR
Professional Grade Horticultural Light Systems
What Rebates Partner logo: Priva
Creating a climate for growth.
What Rebates Partner logo: Quest Controls
Quest Controls
Quest Controls is the leader in providing reliable and innovative solutions for monitoring and managing critical infrastructure.
What Rebates Partner logo: TrolMaster
TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd. is a leading agriculture technology company specializing in advanced environmental controllers for the horticultural industry.
What Rebates Partner logo: YORK
At YORK®, comfort is everything — and not just in terms of the way our heating systems and cooling systems make you feel.
Financial Incentives
and Rebates
Our company was founded in late 2021 with the mission of simplifying the process of accessing financial incentives and rebates for farmers, agribusinesses, agricultural equipment manufacturers and distributors.